The ONLY Pilates Membership that Makes it Easy for You to Take your Wellness to the Next Level 

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Same Value, Different Price Points

Choose From FIVE Payment Options


  • Commitment Free
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • 12 LIVE Pilates & Movement Classes (MO - 10:30, TU/TH - 7pm) 
  • 1 Guest Wellness Expert or Movement Specialist 
  • 70+ video library of Movement Classes, Guest Coaches, Guest Wellness Speakers, and Meditations 
  • An app to bring your membership anywhere
  • Wellness Challenges 
  • Private Facebook Community












(Monthly Value: $365)




(Monthly Value: $365)


Get Healthier and Stronger Wherever you are with the Online Pilates, Movement and Wellness Studio in your Back Pocket

Get ready to take your WELLNESS to the next level.

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On a Scale from 1-10, How are you Feeling Day to Day?

If you answered under an 8, this membership is for you. 

You CAN Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better



I have helped over 400 women in the last 15 years to... 

start prioritizing their health, get moving, move with ease, eat better, drink more water and reduce stress in their lives. They have gotten stronger, experienced less pain and can easily to take on the physical challenges of daily life.

Being a busy mom who was parenting on my own most of the time, I found it impossible to find an hour of uninterrupted time alone to devote to my self-care. I was so frustrated that my new life wouldn't give me the freedom I needed to take care of myself.

Plus, knowing that I couldn't fill my own cup so that I could take care of everyone else just had me feeling like my life was out of control and I was stuck in a vicious cycle.

I started feeling that if I couldn't dedicate an hour to movement, then it wasn't worth it. I was trying to fit myself into a set of impossible standards.

Then I had an A HA moment that changed everything. I started changing my expectations around what exercise HAD to be. 

FIRST, I could move alongside my children, while modeling self-care.

SECOND, it could be 10 or 15 minutes long.

THIRD, it didn't matter where it happened. It could be in the kitchen for all that mattered.

Starting to make better choices around my movement was just the beginning and then I could start making better choices in all areas of my life.

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I am taking all those hard lessons and put them in one place for you. You don't have to make the same mistakes. 


Pilates, Movement & Wellness Online Studio 

Finally stop feeling guilty about NOT moving enough and start taking the right action to get you moving and proudly taking care of YOU. You deserve it. 

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  • Get Stronger by accessing the live Pilates and Movement classes and movement library for all levels and durations to meet your time constraints 
  • Manage Stress by meditating, moving regularly, taking care of yourself consistently and taking Riikka Wilson's metabolizing stress session 
  • Boost Metabolism by following Daphne Kostova's simple recommendations
  • Reduce Low Back Pain with amazing Pilates and movement classes that will focus on strengthening and mobilizing your core and back
  • Start Moving with Ease by learning techniques to float through life with less tension using the Franklin Method

Weekly Live Class Schedule

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  • Monday 10:30am EST: All Levels Pilates and Movement Class (Facebook Group)
  • Tuesday 7:00pm EST:  All Levels Pilates and Movement Class (Zoom Room)
  • Thursday 7:00pm EST:  All Levels Pilates and Movement Class (Zoom Room)


All classes are available as a replay for 7 days and uploaded to the library the next day.

Here are Just Some of the Classes you Can Find in the Studio

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Small Equipment Classes

The Franklin Method ball set and band are the go-to small equipment pieces that we use to add resistance, mobilizations and massage. They can be purchased during check out. 

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Pilates & Movement Classes

There are a variety classes for different levels and time availability as well as some fun additions like Yoga, Dance HIIT and ELDOA from our guest coaches. 

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Wellness Sessions

Curious about how to create lasting change? How to eat to increase your metabolism? How to create better habits and improve your energy? Learn from the pros right here.

Plus 70+ On-Demand Classes Available at your Fingertips

What People Are Saying About The Online Studio

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I am still using the app and fit in sessions when I can. Thank you so much for all the great content! 

The neck video has greatly improved my quality of life. That car crash was almost two years ago and I had been in pain almost daily since. I have been doing your neck routine a few times a week since posted and have not had this many pain free days in nearly two years! I realized last week how much that chronic pain was making me relive that accident over and over. I feel like I've let it go and I'm very grateful to you for that. 

- Charmaine B (Entrepreneur and Mom)




I realize how much I need to work on taking a moment to stop thinking of everything and just give my soul and my mind time to connect strictly with my soul. Focus on the moment instead of business business business. Christina is a great driver to help me and others remember to focus on mind, body and soul!

Sherley J (Busy mom & Podcast Producer)

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