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Join Christina and Martin Reid as they chat about how men are beginning to embrace Pilates as a way to get into shape, build strength and improve flexibility.

Introduction to the Signature Reid Method 

Martin takes some time to explain his signature Reid Method, and how his style of teaching differentiates him from other Pilate’s teachers. Interestingly, everyone has their own style, and even if two Pilate’s teachers took the same course, and graduated at the same time, they would still have different ways of teaching their classes.

Martin’s social work background allows him to communicate empathetically, and authentically with his clients. As he has evolved in the industry, he has learned how to marry techniques picked up from different schools of thought and implement them into his work. He feels that he is always learning, whether it is on the relationship side of the business, or the biomechanical side; this is what makes his work so impactful; there is always room for growth.

Pilates is for everyone

Although Pilates has traditionally been associated with women’s fitness, Martin is excited that more and more men are realizing the power of Pilates. Men tend to get caught up in being weekend warriors, playing sports, and for some, it is hard to put their ego’s aside to do something that does not involve weights, or other workouts that they have been doing for the last 40 years.

What they soon discover is that while doing Pilates, they learn exactly what their bodies are capable of. They are touching their toes for the first time. They are finding mobility that they never had before, and they are getting stronger. Martin feels strongly about the benefit of Pilates for men; it helps their bodies recover from the yearly wear and tear.

During the discussion, he shares stories about father’s coming to classes with their children, which he finds simply amazing. He see’s it as a great way for these dad’s to spend time with their children doing something that is beneficial for both of them.

Real Men do Pilates

What is a real man? What does being a real man even mean? This is something that Martin and his colleagues have been unpacking for years. His goal has been to topple the stigma that Pilates is just for women. 

Martin highlights the fact that athletes like: LeBron James, Chris Carter, and the late Kobe Bryant all have done Pilates because they wanted to be ahead of the curve. Now, even more pro athletes and former pro athletes are trying Pilates, many stating that they wished they had started doing it much earlier. He shares that sentiment, noting that when he got injured, maybe if he had tried Pilates, he would have healed better, and maybe his performance would have been better.

The Core Conversations Podcast Concept

Like many other fitness experts, when the pandemic hit, Martin had to pivot and find a way to not only stay relevant, but to establish a unique niche in the disrupted industry. One day while talking with his wife, an idea came to him; at 10:00 am everyday, he would do an Instagram Live, and invite industry professionals to come on, and just talk about what they are doing. He has now interviewed about 400 guests since the podcast began last year.

The Power of Effective Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of Martin’s work, and although he admits that he does not have perfect communication skills, his training has taught him how to be empathetic.

He has learned how to pause for a moment and show people grace, by seeking understanding on where they might be coming from instead of taking offence to how they may present in a given moment. When you show someone positive regard and hear their story, you give them a voice. If people feel heard, they feel respected, and that is all he really wants to do, give people a place to be heard.

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