E028. Kelsie Bentley - Learning to Create Space in our Lives

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Kelsie Bentley is a self-care and mind-set coach helping people-pleasing women reclaim their time. She got her start coaching women from behind the chair as a hairstylist, and dove deep into the work of self-care after going through her own experience with burnout. Her written work can be found on sites such as; Mama Minimalist, The Hive, and Morning Laziness, and she has been featured on several podcasts including: Healing Unscripted, We’re Not Kidding, and All Things Relax.


Kelsey has flipped the script on self-care. There are a lot of rigid self-care programs out there that have tried to prescribe to people how it should look. Kelsie is not about that at all, instead she finds ways to help people fit it into their schedules so that they are able to live successful, and purposeful lives.


A look at toxic positivity


Christina and Kelsie discuss the fact that many of us choose not to acknowledge the problems, we try to positive mind-set our way through them. Mind-set is a huge, huge thing, and it's definitely something we have to work on, but we also have to be able to feel, experience and process our feelings.


It is about taking the time to just really dive into how you feel, feel those feelings and try to work through them. This is so essential. You have to take that time and really think, “Am I allowing myself to just wallow in something, or do I need to experience this and move through it?”


How to Start Setting Healthy Boundaries


Kelsie shares that the best way to start setting boundaries is to identify if you are the type of person who tends to be of service to others all the time. This can happen when you own any kind of business; there is a certain element of being of service to others. She explains the importance of separation; a time when you can be yourself and who you are, and not have to constantly be of service.


The first step is recognizing those things that are wearing you out and that are draining your energy. Then you have to figure out how to set the boundaries. Kelsie suggests starting with those relationships, or situations that are not so close to you. These relationships are not as emotionally charged, so it makes it easier.


It's really important to be able to just recognize when you need that extra little bit of care. We spend so much time taking care of everybody else's needs.


The Spark Method


You can start setting yourself up for success by doing fewer things, and finding ways to make the things that you have to do easier. Time management is prescriptive. Time management doesn't care about your energy levels, your season of life, or your interests. You have to take a look at you, your struggles, where you're at, and where you want to go.



Creating a space for yourself


It is important to understand that other people benefit from us caring for ourselves. It is allowing yourself to unpack and take up space in your own life. It is something that is incredibly important to learn. It can be challenging, because it's a point of growth. We have to be able to allow ourselves to grow and go through the discomfort. You will be pleased with the ease that will come from it.



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