E024. Chernell Bartholomew - Matters of Massage and Movement

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Join Christina and Chernell as they talk about the ins and outs of massage therapy.
The common reason people end up at the massage therapist is chronic pain in back and neck especially when they sit for prolonged periods of time. The problems caused by this are disc herniations and compression of the nerves, which causes muscle imbalances, tightness. The body doesn’t get stimulated enough which can lead to weakness and pain. They discuss office culture and what companies can do to positively impact employee wellness. Massage therapists can help work on tight muscles, but also give homecare to help extend the practice beyond the table.
Movement and Massage
They are one in the same. Massage is movement of the tissues. The circulation, fluid, oxygen and nutrients get moved around also. When you get up to stand your muscles are contracting and fluids are moving through the body. For example, if you want to give your lungs a little mini massage, you can take a deep breath and expand your lungs and open up your chest.
Both active and sedentary people benefit from massage. More active people can use massage to help with tight muscles, increase flexibility and prevent injury. Sedentary people benefit by relieving aches and pains and improving circulation and swelling.
Types of Massage Therapy
There are many types of massage and include:  Swedish, aromatherapy that introduces oils and scents which is highly effective for anything going on mind body, shiatsu, which is more deeply pointed pressure on trigger points. Hot stone, Fascial Release, this is when you release the fascia and help break down scar tissue. Then there is Thai massage that involves more stretching.
What is an RMT?
Registered Massage Therapist is a person trained in massage and who is governed by a regulatory body. RMTs have standards, a scope of practice, and require a health history to determine contraindicates to treatment.
Massage and Emotions
Massage is an excellent way to release and move energy like grief and stress through the body.. We have to take into consideration, whether you will let it build up to the point where it starts to start conditions, pain and disease, or you find a way to release and let it out. There is a connection in your body to the emotions that you are experiencing. Emotions are like chemical reactions. Whether you are acutely aware of it or not, emotions will cause a reaction in your body. Stress, cortisol, your nervous system, and your hormones are all intertwined.
Massage and Mental Health
Mental health challenges can be obstacles to getting up to move. Massage can be a catalyst to moving. If you can't get up to move, or you don't know how to start or where to start, sometimes a massage, just getting the blood pumping and muscles moving is a great place to start. Massage can start the circulation, blood flow and will start to relax the nervous system, which is going to allow improved digestion and gut health.  There is research to show that when the muscles are contracting they function like their own endocrine system and they trigger the release of myokines which are like antidepressants.
The Importance of Touch
sdlIsolation is detrimental. Human beings are meant to live in community with one another working together. As adults, we forget that even as we age, we still need that physical touching connection, we need that to survive and thrive.
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