E025. Abha Sharma - Taking Charge of Her Life

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Join Christina and her extraordinary guest Abha Sharma as they discuss her
personal journey into the world of movement.
Abha is a Health and Wellness Coach for Professional Working Moms. Her
passion is helping working moms glow up utilizing hormone health, and living a
holistic lifestyle.
She is a Paediatrician, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and the host of The
Health Has No Finish Line Podcast. This weekly podcast dives into subjects
concerning: body image, emotional eating, mind-set, and healthier living.
Learning what you are capable of
Before sharing her story, Abha empathetically speaks to parents, especially
mothers about the struggle that comes with parenting, and how sometimes they
neglect to see their own abilities and strengths. She reminds listeners that they
are capable of doing great things, whether it is taking care of their health, or even
making time for themselves.
Sharing when you are on the other side of the rainbow
Both of Abha’s parents emigrated from India, and she describes the pressure
that comes with being a child with immigrant parents. There is an underlying
feeling that you need to work really hard, especially when it comes to your
academics knowing that your parents or grandparents immigrated for better
educational opportunities.
Her mother cooked a variety of foods, with some being very carb heavy, so when
she was younger, Abha dealt with fluctuating weight issues. By the time she was
nine or 10, she started to get teased, and this continued through most of her
childhood and teen years. She also wore a back brace for scoliosis, and this did
not make things any easier for her.
“Okay, I can try this!” Steps towards Healing
As she got older, Abha began to take charge of her life in a definitive way.  She
began to read health magazines, ripping recipes and workout tips from them that
she could utilize in her day to day. She would go to Marshalls and find indoor

workout VHS and DVD’s. It became fun for her, and she felt comfortable working
out this way because she didn’t have to worry about anybody judging her. She
was still triggered by what she had experienced on the playground when she was
Even the small change can make a big difference
Abha’s healthy habits followed her when she moved to Detroit for three years to
do her paediatric residency. Despite the long hours, Abha was able to balance
her diet by making better food choices. Instead of Lean Cuisine with all the
artificial preservatives, she traded those meals in for Trader Joe's bowl that had
more whole ingredients and fewer preservatives.
What 10,000 steps will really get you!
In her quest for knowledge, Abha began to learn more about the benefits of
walking. She learned that 10,000 steps was a marketing strategy that originated
from Japan.
A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that at 4400
steps per day, women had significantly lower mortality rates compared to least
active women. If they did more, their mortality rates continued to drop until they
reached about 7500 steps, at which point the rates levelled out.
Changing the language around food
Abha and her husband have made considerable efforts to change the language
around food in their home. She is careful about using the words “Good food, or
bad food,” around her daughter. If she is making non-restrictive changes in what
she eats, she will just do it, but not explain it, especially when her daughter is
around. She demonstrates balance by eating what she wants in moderation.
Abha Sharma

Christina Whelan Chabot


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